About Us

We are the premier breeders and brokers of purebred felines in Aurora and across the state. Here are the core components of what we do:

  • Breeding We provide the best purebred Siamese, Himalayan and Ragamuffin cats and kittens in Colorado. Our team consists of several smaller breeding facilities, each of which specializes in a particular breed. There is nothing like having a beautiful, healthy and happy kitten in your home to brighten your day!
  • Brokerage- Buying We provide an opportunity for people who no longer want to keep their purebred cat a place to sell their animal. Regardless of where you purchased your cat, if he or she is in good health we will make you a competitive offer. From there, we will care for your cat until we can find an interested buyer. While in our care your pet will get only the best treatment. Every cat is examined by our on call veterinarian before the transaction occurs and again before the animal is sold. We are not an animal shelter and in order for us to make an offer on your cat your cat must be purebred with papers.
  • Brokerage- Selling We sell both cats from other owner and breeders. We offer a fair price and all of our cats come with papers. We work primarily in Aurora and Denver but we often complete transactions with buyers and sellers across the country. We are happy to accommodate any feline fanciers, regardless of location.

We believe in honesty and integrity in all dealings. We love cats and while we make a living on the buying, selling and breeding of felines we don’t forget that we’re dealing with living, breathing and loving creatures. We got into this business because we love cats.

And after more than 30 years in the industry, that hasn’t changed.