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What We Do

We offer the best Siamese, Himalayan and Ragamuffin cats and kittens in and around the Denver metro area. We’re based in Aurora but we do business all across Colorado. How can we offer the best of three breeds while most breeders specialize? Simple, we are also uniquely positioned as brokers in the feline breeding world. That means we purchase purebred cats from breeders that want to sell, for whatever, reason and care for the cats until we can find a buyer. Why limit yourself to only one breeder when you can work with us and access to breeders across Aurora, Denver, Colorado Springs and the entire state!

Additionally, we breed the best Siamese cats in the state. But don’t just take our word for it. We placed first the the Colorado Fine Feline Expo in 2015!

We can buy your personal purebred feline finder. Allow us to work our connections and our know how to find you the best cat for you and your family. 

Why don’t we have photos of available cats? Because we consider our selves feline matchmakers. That means we make the match. We want you to tell us about the perfect cat for your household and family. We want you to tell us about the colors, traits, history, age, and personality that would come together to make the perfect cat for you! Because we are brokers and breeders we are able to ensure that we find YOUR perfect cat. 

We find that pictures posted on our website encouraged feline fanciers to pick out of the batch of cats rather than thinking of their perfect cat. 

Is that pretty different from any other cat breeder or broker in Aurora? Probably. But we think that makes us the best. 


aurora feline breeder siamese

Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are considered the “extroverts” of the cat world! Often loud and frequently demanding attention these unique looking felines are perfect for a large active family. These cats get so attached to their people that many have reported their cat becoming depressed if left alone for too long! For this reason, we recommend purchasing your Siamese cats in pair. Sometimes they just need more attention than one person can give!
himalayan cats in colorado

Himalayan Cats

Very smart and very social Himalayan cats are distant cousins of the Siamese and have many of the same traits. These cats need frequent and careful grooming as their long and beautiful coat can easily get out of hand. Just as playful as their Siamese friends, these cats can be entertained for hours for just about anything around the house. Great for famlies!
bjay ragamuffin cats

The Ragamuffin Cats

The Ragamuffin is a big, fluffy friendly cat who can be a little active than the Siamese or Himalayan. Consider him a total lap cat. Rather than meow and insist on petting the Ragamuffin will happily curl up in your lap or right next to you while you watch TV or spend time with family.

Connect With Us

Are you interested for some of our cats, or you are just a cat lover? Want to talk about selling your purebred cat to us or just have questions? If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask us! 


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